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Best small vertical machining center recommended

>We have already introduced What is a small machining center? Today, TAICNC recommends several small and cost-effective machining centers for you. It is also the best small machining center of TAICNC. It can complete the drilling, milling and tapping process and the accuracy and smoothness. Very high, is the best choice for small batch processing.

TAICNC has several models of small vertical machining centers and small horizontal machining centers. Their functions are no different from those of large machining centers. They are only different in processing range. For example, the T5V small machining center has a spindle of 12000 rpm and can move at a speed of 48 m. /min This speed is very fast and the machining accuracy is also very good

T5V small machining center

X axismm500
Y axismm400
Z axismm300
Distance from spindle nose to tablemm150-450
Distance from spindle center to Z-axis guide-waymm420
Dimensionmm650 X 400
Max. table loadkg250
T-slot (width*pitch*number)mm14 X 125 X 3
Spindle typeBelt
Spindle speedrpm12000
Spindle motor power (cont./30 min rated)kW5.5
Spindle taperBT30
Feed Rate
Rapid traverse(X/Y/Z)m/min48 / 48 / 48
Cutting feed ratemm/min1-10000
Motor power (X/Y/Z)kW1.8 / 1.8 / 1.8
ATC typeArm type
Magazine capacitypcs16
Max. tool diameter (adjacent pocket empty)mm80 / 120
Max. tool lengthmm200
Max. tool weightkg5
Tool shankBT 30
Space & System Requirement
Pneumatic pressurekgf/cm²6
Machine net weightkg3300
Max. floor space (WxLxH)mm1800 X 2400 X 2300

T6 Best small vertical machining center

small vertical machining center

Best small vertical machining center

T6 Best small vertical machining center is also a tapping center. It has a high-speed spindle with a 20,000 rpm. The three-axis displacement speed is also 48m/min. The machining stroke is larger than the T5 small vertical machining center. It is very suitable for batch processing of aluminum products.Specific parameters can be viewed by clicking on the product image.




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