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Can I use a 4th axis?

>Can I use a 4th axis?

Can I use a 4th axis? Our CNC milling machines and machining centers can be equipped with a 4th axes rotary table for 4-axis linkage, This is an optional configuration, if necessary, please contact our customer service.

Can I use a 4th axis?The YouTube video above is a demonstration of the 4th axis, We chose the Taiwan TJR 4th axis brand.

4th axes rotary table

Can I use a 4th axis

TJR Precision Technology co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of CNC rotary tables (the 4th and 5th axis). The main products are CNC rotary table, CNC index table, and other accessories with high precision and stability.

The products are mainly applied in the aerospace industry, high-tech electronics industry, automobile parts manufacturing, multi-faceted spiral manufacturing, and other mechanical industries. The best choice for vertical machining center and CNC milling machines manufacturers



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