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best Flat bed CNC lathe machine in China

Flat bed CNC lathes can quickly grow your metalworking business, if you are looking for CNC lathes then you are in the right place.

TAICNC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC lathes in China, with more than 20 years of experience in CNC machine tool manufacturing, our flat bed CNC lathes are widely praised by customers around the world, we provide more than CK6130, CK6140, CK6150, CK6180 models Flat bed CNC lathe.

Whether you need flat bed CNC lathes, slant bed CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, turret CNC lathes, we can meet your needs. Our flat bed CNC lathes are used in a wide variety of metal parts machining and are currently available at manufacturer prices.

Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

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flat bed CNC lathe machine for sale

Flat bed CNC lathe machine are the most popular series among CNC lathes, which are loved by customers all over the world because of their powerful functions and cheap prices.

TAICNC’s flat bed CNC lathe has a history of more than ten years, and has reached the highest quality level through continuous optimization.

From small flat bed CNC lathes to large flat bed CNC lathes, we can meet your needs.

Our CNC lathes are available in various specifications, such as CK6130, CK6140, CK6150, CK6180, flat bed CNC lathes for sale at manufacturer prices, welcome to contact us for your exclusive offers.

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Why is TAICNC flat bed CNC lathe so popular?

TAICNC is an expert in the manufacture of flat bed CNC lathes. Every flat bed lathe is cast from the finest foundry materials.

In the design, the actual processing needs are fully considered, and the best structural design is adopted to improve the precision and stability of the CNC lathe.

TAICNC flat bed CNC lathe is easy to operate, as long as you have operated CNC machine tools, you can get started quickly. We cooperate with the best CNC controller manufacturers in the market today to provide customers with a variety of economical CNC controllers for customers to choose from.

Flat bed CNC lathe

best structural design

  • Castings are made of high-quality Meehan cast iron (GB 300A+), and the hardness can reach above 190HB after tempering.
  • Large-span design, better stability. Good shock absorption performance
  • The thickened honeycomb base can improve the stability of the machine tool and reduce vibration during machining.

Large diameter belt spindle

  • One-piece spindle box ensures high rigidity.
  • Dedicated high performance V-belt driven spindle system to reduce the impact of motor heat on spindle accuracy.
  • P4 grade high precision bearings are mounted directly in the spindle head to achieve precise load capacity.
Large diameter belt spindle
High Efficiency Electric Knife Holder

High Efficiency Electric Knife Holder

  • The flat bed CNC lathe is equipped with a 4-station electric tool holder as standard, and up to 8-station electric tool holders are optional.
  • Multiple or even various machining processes can be completed at the same time with one clamping of the workpiece to shorten the auxiliary time of machining.

Box rails

  • CK series flat track CNC lathe all adopt oversized box guide.
  • They ensure maximum stability and efficiency even under heavy turning loads.
  • All box guideways are precision ground and heat treated to obtain the best surface finish.
Box rails
Servo turret

Efficient Servo Turret

  • SCK series CNC turning center turret machine is equipped with 8 or 10 stations servo turret, the adjacent tool change time is only 0.2 seconds.
  • The use of large-diameter, high-precision tool plates ensures full turret rigidity in any turning situation.

Manual Tail Top

  • Thickened manual tail top
  • Necessary when machining shaft parts
  • This is a standard option.
Manual Tail Top
10 inch manual chuck

10 inch manual chuck

  • Standard 10-inch manual chuck
  • So that your workpiece clamping is more stable.
  • You can also choose a larger size.
  • It depends on your part.

Optional CNC controller

  • CK series flat bed CNC lathes provide a variety of CNC controller options.
  • You can choose affordable GSK CNC controller
  • Internationally popular CNC controllers such as Siemens and Fanuc can also be selected.
Optional:CNC controller
Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

  • Each flat bed CNC lathe will undergo strict quality inspection during the manufacturing process and before leaving the factory.
  • Including laser inspection, turning inspection, trial processing, etc.
  • Guarantee that our CNC lathes are 100% qualified and delivered to customers.

Get a Flat bed CNC lathe machine from the Manufacturer

Our Flat bed CNC lathe machine are designed according to international standards and delivered to customers with guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service.

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Components used in our Flat bed CNC lathe machine

A CNC lathe is not a simple machine, and the manufacture of a qualified CNC lathe requires the support of a large number of suppliers.

TAICNC has established a good cooperative relationship with many well-known suppliers around the world, and we can get their quick response in the supply chain, so that we can quickly deliver CNC lathes to customers. And we stock a large stock of spare parts, so when something goes wrong and needs to be replaced, we can respond quickly and fix the problem.

Components used in our vertical machining centers

Flat bed CNC lathe machine


1. What is a flat bed CNC lathe machine?

Do you know about flat bed CNC lathe machine?

Flat bed CNC lathe is the entry model of CNC lathe, it is upgraded on the basis of ordinary lathe.

It adopts Computer numerical control (CNC for short).

Its bed structure is designed horizontally without any inclined surface.

All other components are also installed horizontally on the bed, and the plane where the two guide rails are located is parallel to the ground plane

Flat-bed CNC lathes are widely used in heavy-duty turning operations with higher productivity. We can rely on flat bed CNC lathe equipment for reliable, stable and powerful turning functions.

Over the years, flat bed CNC lathes have won wide acclaim from customers for their strong turning capabilities and low prices.

Flat bed CNC lathe


2. How does a flat bed CNC lathe machine work?

The main work of the flat bed CNC lathe is turning.

A flat bed lathe is a machine for shaping and finishing wood, metal, and other materials.

It consists of a bed, or chuck that holds the workpiece; a headstock that turns the workpiece as it is being shaped; and a tailstock that supports the end of the workpiece opposite the cutting edge.

The piece is held between centers that are mounted on the bed at each end of the headstock.


3. What are the benefits of a flat bed CNC lathe?

When using a flat bed CNC lathe, you will find many benefits, as follows:


Flat bed CNC lathes can bring you higher processing efficiency, and you don’t need to equip each lathe with a worker like manual lathes. One worker can operate multiple flat bed CNC lathes at the same time. Flat bed CNC lathes are more efficient and more profitable.

Cheap price

Compared with slant bed CNC lathes or CNC turning centers, flat bed CNC lathes are cheaper. It can save you the cost of purchasing machine tools.

More accurate

The flat bed CNC lathe is controlled by a CNC controller and equipped with a servo motor, which enables the flat bed CNC lathe to complete more precise machining and reduce errors.

Large turning area

Compared with the inclined bed CNC lathe, the flat bed CNC lathe can turn larger and longer parts, and some can even reach a length of several meters. This is unmatched by other lathes. Moreover, the flat bed lathe has stronger turning ability and is more suitable for heavy turning.


4. What is the price of flat bed CNC lathe machine?

A flat bed CNC lathe is not an inexpensive machine, but a long-term investment.

Therefore, the price of flat bed CNC lathes is a matter of concern to everyone.

There are many factors that affect the price of flat bed CNC lathes, as follows:

  • Flat bed CNC lathe manufacturer
  • country of manufacturer
  • Dimensions of flat bed CNC lathe
  • core components
  • CNC controller brand
  • Other options
  • Tariff
  • Transportation cost

Each of these factors is closely related to the cost of a flat bed CNC lathe.

If you want to buy flat bed CNC lathe from China, I will give a price reference range below. Hope this helps you.

ProjectsModelSales Price
CK6130 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6130$7,000-$9,000
CK6132 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6132$7,100-$9,200
CK6140 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6140$9,000-$11,000
CK6150 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6150$10,000-$13,000
CK6166 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6166$13,000-$16,000
CK6180 flat bed CNC lathe priceCK6180$20,000-$25,000

You may find a lot of cheap Chinese-made CNC lathes on the Internet, but remember not to be blindly greedy for cheap, all cheap is based on the premise of sacrificing quality.


5. How to choose the right flat bed CNC lathe?

A flat bed CNC lathe is an expensive long-term investment.

It is particularly important to choose a suitable flat bed CNC lathe.

This largely depends on the following key considerations:

  • What standard or application is the machine used for?
  • What size does the machine need? (depending on the part you need to turn)
  • What material is used for turning?
  • What kind of tool changer do I need?
  • What kind of chuck is needed (manual or automatic)
  • What CNC controller are you used to?
  • Your price budget?
  • What kind of after-sales service do you need?

After understanding the above factors, I believe you already have the answer on how to choose a suitable flat bed CNC lathe.


6. What is your after-sales standard for CNC lathes?

All CNC lathes from TAICNC come with 1 year warranty.

In the event of a malfunction, our experts will respond immediately.

Provide you with technical guidance through video, telephone, etc.

If a replacement part is required, we will air freight it and get it to your factory as quickly as possible. We have a large stock of all parts.

If you can’t work it out, we’ll let your local partner handle it.

A lot of friends may worry about the after-sale service when importing machines from other countries.

Will the quality be stable as supplier promises? If any problems, will they help me to solve quickly?

CNC machine is a long-term investment for most companies, to choose an honest and reliable supplier is very important. That’s why we aimed at providing high-quality machines with great customer service for customers.


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