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Small CNC Milling Machine Mold Making Guide

This article Small CNC Milling Machine Mold Making Guide is a discussion about the manufacturing of small CNC milling machines.

Are you looking to buy a small CNC milling machine to make a mold? But you don’t know if it can be applied to mould processing.

The good news?

In this article, I will introduce you to the application of Small CNC Milling Machine Mold Making.

If you are looking for a small CNC milling machine that can make moulds, I think you should read it.

What is a small CNC milling machine?

Small CNC milling machines usually refer to CNC milling machines with small machine dimensions or small machining range.

It also has some names such as: small CNC mill, small machining centers, small CNC machines, etc. It may be different in different regions. What do you call it? Can tell us at the end of the article.

Small CNC milling machine

Small CNC milling machines with automatic tool changers are often called small CNC machining center in China.

The main function of small CNC milling machine is milling, drilling and tapping. This is its core function.

Is the small CNC milling machine suitable for mould making?

In your impression is not a small CNC milling machine is not suitable for processing mold?

But I want to tell you that you are wrong. Small CNC milling machines are also suitable for mould processing.

It only works with smaller molds, which has a lot to do with its size.

But this is not its problem, we produce it for the purpose of making small products.

What kind of small CNC milling machine can make molds?

Mold is different from other products, it still has requirements for machine tools.

The word rigidity is very important for small CNC milling machines.

The rigidity of small CNC milling machine is better, which is more suitable for die manufacturing.

What are the factors that affect the rigidity of small CNC milling machines? There are several aspects:

Machine tool structure

1、Machine tool structure is a factor, machine tool design structure more in line with the principle of force, rigid is good.

2、Machine tool spindle: Machine tool spindle has diameter difference, usually we divide into BT30, BT40 and BT50 three kinds of models.

Machine tool spindle

Among them, BT40 and BT50 are suitable for original machining, that is to say, the rigidity of these two models is the best.

BT30 is more suitable for fine machining, mainly because it can achieve very high speed.

3、Machine tool guideway: There are two kinds of guideways for machine tools, one is called hard rail, the other is called linear guideway.

Machine tool guideway

Machine tools with hard rails are more rigid than those with linear rails, but small CNC milling machines usually use linear rails.

The reason is that the moving speed of the hard rail is too slow, and the precision is not as good as the linear guide rail.

The hard rail machine tool is more suitable for the original machining of large-scale mould.

Summary of small CNC milling machine mould manufacturing

The above has introduced a lot of knowledge about small CNC milling machine tool manufacturing mold.

I don’t know if you have a clear answer to this question.

To sum up:

1、Small CNC Milling Machine is suitable for manufacture of small Mould.

How big a mould can be manufactured depends on the processing range of a small CNC milling machine.

2、Small mould is best to choose BT30 spindle and BT40 spindle to complete the processing. They can do a good job.

3、Linear guideway is better for machine tool selection in small mould processing.

It is fast, rigid and suitable for small mould processing.

We have already introduced the knowledge about the small CNC milling machine mould manufacturing guide.

If you are looking for a small CNC milling machine that can make moulds, you can contact us.

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You can also visit our product center to view the list, if you do not find your needs, please contact us.

Because we still have a lot of machine models not uploaded, tell us that your needs will get the most satisfactory response.

Thank you for reading!



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