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The mini 5 axis CNC mill for Less Than $5,000

>The mini 5 axis CNC mill for Less Than $5,000, have you seen it before?

This is a miniature 5 axis CNC milling machine that has recently been very popular in the field of CNC milling, and everyone is discussing it enthusiastically. Its name is Pocket NC V2.

mini 5 axis CNC mill

Pocket NC V2

This mini CNC mill does not have a separate CNC controller. It is connected to the computer via an interface and controlled by Autodesk Fusion360 control software.

This machine, like many other desktop CNC mill, is capable of cutting parts out of many different materials. Wood, wax, plastics, and even aluminum are all within the reach of this machine. What sets the Pocket NC apart from the numerous 3 axis machines available on the market is its ability to flip and turn pieces to present numerous angles for the milling bit to reach. This allows for far more complicated shapes to be cut and more finished parts to be created.

This is the model used to process the impeller video is the second generation of Pocket NC.

This video is not simultaneous 5-axis machining but 3+2 axis, because A and B axis where locked at any given time. This is due to using fusion 360 which if I’m not mistaken can support 5 axis machining at the moment, Only some features are available for the moment. My ultimate goal is to make a tiny supercharger and put it in the wankel.

This mini 5axis CNC mill mainly includes the following services

  • One mini 5 axis CNC mill
  • One extended reach tool holder
  • 1/8th Inch ER11 Collet and Nut
  • Single Flute Wood, Wax, and Plastic Endmill – Part 52508
  • One year subscription of Autodesk Fusion 360 Ultimate
  • Pocket NC vise and hardware
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Pocket NC Limited Warranty

One of the problems that has plagued those trying to create 5 axis milling machines in the past is the availability of CAM software capable of creating the cutting paths for these machines. This software has been historically either proprietary, expensive, overly complicated, or often all of the above. The Pocket NC crew teamed up with Autodesk to provide a free year-long commercial license of their Fusion 360 software to anyone who purchases one of their mills. After the year, Fusion 360 will remain free for Maker, educational, or startup use. Fusion 360, on top of being a feature rich-design suite, also contains a CAM package capable of creating the tool paths for the Pocket NC.

Below we will show you A Miniature V8 Engine Milled From Aluminum On The Pocket NC video

This is the first generation of Pocket NC, its price is $3,500

Is it very shocking, but it still needs the assistance of a small CNC milling machine to complete.

A Miniature V8 Engine

This mini 5 axis CNC mill is suitable for personal creation and is not suitable for mass production of parts, its first generation product is priced at $3,500, and the second generation is currently priced at $5,500.

Lot of people complaining about the $5k price tag. I think this is very reasonable considering what you can do with it for the portability and function. Look at the price of a used full size 5 axis milling machine and associated set up costs (mounting hardware/space, transport to and into place, service, etc) and you might reconsider. This machine can make quality finished products in any room of your house!

If you need to mass produce products or need to process some large parts, I still recommend you to choose small 5 axis CNC milling machine. It is the CNC machine that can create higher value for you.



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