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vertical machining center definition

Vertical machining center definition, the vertical machining center refers to the machining center in which the main shaft is vertical, and its structure is mostly a fixed column, the worktable is rectangular and has no dividing and turning function. It is suitable for processing disc, sleeve, and plate parts. It generally has three axes of linear motion. And can be installed on the table a rotating platform along the horizontal axis for processing spiral parts.

vertical machining center definition
vertical machining center definition

The vertical machining center is convenient for clamping, easy to operate, easy to observe the processing, easy to debug the program, and widely used.

However, limited by the height of the column and the tool changer, it is not possible to process too high a part. When machining a cavity or a concave profile, the chip is not easily discharged, and when it is serious, the cutter will be damaged, the machined surface will be damaged, and the smooth progress of the machining will be affected.

vertical machining center definition
vertical machining center definition

According to the vertical machining center of the form of the axis guide rail can be divided into hard rail and line rail.
The hard rail is suitable for heavy cutting and the track motion is more sensitive. According to the bed structure of the vertical machining center, it can be divided into C type and gantry machining center.

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