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Vertical Machining Center Operation Specification

Vertical machining center operation specifications, vertical machining center mainly for CNC machining of various basic large parts, plates, discs, housing parts, molds and other varieties of precision parts. The workpiece can be processed in a variety of processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming, and rigid tapping with high precision and high efficiency after one clamping. Applicable to aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, military, heavy machinery, locomotives, machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, mold manufacturing, and other industries.

Vertical Machining Center Operation
Vertical Machining Center Operation

Vertical machining center operating specifications are as follows

1. Before the vertical machining center is operated, wear all the labor protection products, lubricate and maintain as required, and check the oil level of each lubricating oil.

2. When the vertical machining center is clamping the workpiece, it should be lightly placed to prevent the collision and hit the work surface. When the workpiece is heavy, the load capacity of the machine table should also be verified, and the overload operation is not allowed.

3. After the vertical machining center is started, check the movement of the spindle, the worktable in all directions and whether the pressure indication tables are normal, and whether there are abnormal noises.

4. The machining program should be checked before it can be operated. When using the high-speed function, confirm the matching of the tool.

5. During the processing, always pay attention to whether the motion and processing status of the vertical machining center is normal and encounter abnormal phenomena. When noise and alarm occur, stop the inspection immediately and continue processing after troubleshooting.

Vertical machining center operating specifications
Vertical machining center operating specifications

6. When there are too much iron filings in the chip flute, clean it first and then open the chip conveyor.

7. The operators of the new vertical machining center should be familiar with the machine performance, operation methods and precautions, and only under the guidance of the relevant personnel.

8. After the workpiece is finished, clean the workbench, wipe and lubricate the machine, clean the surrounding environment, and keep the site clean.

9. The control system must be turned off before the main power of the machine is turned off; the emergency stop switch is not used in the non-emergency state.

10. Before going to work every day, you should fill in the operation record of the machine tool and make the handover.

The vertical machining center is one of the new numerical control series products designed for the industry with high efficiency processing demand. The vertical machining center has a compact and reasonable overall layout, stable and reliable quality performance, and can realize X, Y and Z three-axis linkage, which is widely applicable. Mechanical processing in aerospace, military, mold, automotive, internal combustion engine, textile machinery and other industries.

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