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What is a CNC lathe?

>what is a CNC lathe?

CNC lathe is a CNC machine tool, and CNC lathe is divided into horizontal CNC lathe and vertical CNC lathe.

CNC lathe is equipped with a numerical control controller based on the general lathe. The general CNC lathe is manually controlled. The numerical control lathe is controlled by a numerical control controller to drive the lathe shaft.


CNC horizontal lathe

CNC horizontal machining is performed using horizontally-configured lathes, machining centers, boring machines, or boring mills. The equipment used typically consists of rotating cylindrical cutters moving up and down along five axes. These machines are capable of producing a variety of shapes, slots, holes, and details on a three-dimensional part.

CNC lathe

CNC vertical lathe

Vertically-oriented CNC machines utilize cylindrical cutters on a vertical spindle axis to create plunge cuts and drilled holes, as well as custom shapes, slots, and details on three-dimensional parts. Equipment used in this type of milling includes vertical lathes, vertical machining centers, and 5-axis machines.

CNC vertical lathe



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