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Why is the CNC tapping center drilling holes?

Why is the cnc tapping center drilling holes? Due to the rapid development of the china 3C industry, the tapping center has a larger market share. The tapping center has high speed, high precision, high smoothness and high efficiency. It is especially popular among 3C industry users. After all, it improves processing efficiency. It is money, many friends have a question, why is the cnc tapping center drilling holes? Today we will talk about why the tapping center is drilling fast.

cnc Tapping Center

why the CNC tapping center drill block

Why is the drilling block in the tapping center because the drilling center has a higher spindle speed, starting from the initial spindle speed of 12000 rpm, and the speed is gradually increasing. The current speed of the main tapping center on the market is above 20,000 RPM. Some even reach a speed of 25000~30000RPM, and the high speed mainly determines the drilling speed of the tapping center.

why the CNC tapping center is the other factor of the drilling block

Above we mentioned that the drilling speed of the tapping center is mainly due to the relatively high spindle speed of the tapping center. In fact, there are other factors. The first one is the rapid displacement block of the tapping center, and the rapid displacement of the tapping center is basically 48M. Above / min, high-end even 60M / min or more, this is also an indispensable part of the processing efficiency of the tapping center, the second is the fast tool change speed, the tapping center has a different tool magazine than the ordinary machining center. We usually call the flying saucer. The tool magazine, this tool change speed requires only about 1 second, and these two factors also contribute greatly to improving the drilling speed of the tapping center.

Above, we will introduce the problem of why the drilling block of CNC Tapping Center is finished. I believe that you should have a general understanding after reading. If there is a need for the tapping center, please contact with Taicheng CNC. Customers provide high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency CNC drilling and tapping center machine tools, click on the first picture directly

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