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TAICNC was established in 2000,earlier as a sales agent of a high tech PC based NC machine manufacturer from Taiwan,with the development of the mainland market, we built a new factory in 2006 and brought technique and management from Taiwan aimed to provide mainland customers a better product and service. Being through a decade growing and re-innovation,we have advanced technology and skilled technicians & service staffs.

Our products line are,
Vertical machining centers
Horizontal machining centers
Gantry machining centers
CNC milling machines
CNC Lathe

Further more,so many companies manufacture CNC machines in the globe, but most of them are rarely like us focus attentions on building machines only. What makes us unique is that we are both a machine builder and a machining service provider once, to devote ourselves into machines innovation to help the customers reach their goals and we already have a great achievement here.

For us, to provide the most economical and a long term applied equipment to meet the customers’ demand is of first importance, what kind of machines should be taken? How to apply it efficiently and productively? There are the matters of the materials of workpiece, the machining performance to be achieved and the production required. Fortunately, we are a builder and a user as well, so we can put our feet into their shoes to learn those particular, tiny but important requirements.

TAICNC manufacturing factory show

TAICNC has a manufacturing workshop of 100000 square meters, in which the vertical machining center can produce 500sets per month, the horizontal machining center can produce 100sets per month, the gantry machining center can produce 100sets per month, and the tapping center can produce 500sets per month

TAICNC manufacturing plant TAICNC manufacturing plant

TAICNC certificate

TAICNC has passed the ISO9001 / 14001 certification and CE certification, obtained a number of national patents, and strictly comply with manufacturing standards.