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best CNC tapping center machine in China

If you are looking for a CNC tapping center, you have come to the right place.

TAICNC is a leading CNC tapping center manufacturer and supplier in China. With 20 years of CNC machine tool manufacturing experience, our CNC machine tools are widely praised by customers around the world.

Whether you need a CNC tapping center, a small machining center, a double column machining center or a vertical machining center, we can meet your needs, our tapping center is suitable for all kinds of metal parts, with a monthly output of more than 200 units, has obtained Apple Supply Chain Recognition. Now on sale at factory price

CNC Tapping center

200+ units/Month

20 Years Experience

24H support

CE certification


CNC Tapping Center for Sale

TAICNC is a CNC tapping center manufacturing specialist. Tapping center is one of our core products, which has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and good stability.

Whether you have industrial use or a personal studio, we have the corresponding CNC tapping center specifications to meet your needs.

CNC tapping centers are suitable for various industries with powerful performance. You can also choose a standard 3-axis tapping center or choose a tapping center with a 4 axis and 5 axis rotary table to increase the machining efficiency of your product, enabling 4 axis and 5 axis machining.

Selling CNC tapping centers at manufacturer prices, you can get exclusive deals from the best CNC tapping center suppliers in China.

CNC tapping center for sale, you can also contact us to customize special specifications.

T10V small CNC milling machine

T10V small CNC milling machine & tapping center

Table Size: 1100×500mm
XYZ Travel: 1000×500×330mm
Spindle Speed: 20,000rpm/min
Small CNC milling machine

T8V Small CNC milling machine & tapping center

Table Size: 1000×500mm
XYZ Travel: 800×500×330mm
Spindle Speed: 20,000rpm/min
Small CNC milling machine

T6V Small CNC milling machine & tapping center

Table Size: 700×420mm
XYZ Travel: 600×400×300mm
Spindle Speed: 20,000rpm/min
Small CNC milling machine

T7V Small CNC milling machine & tapping center

Table Size: 800×420mm
XYZ Travel: 700×400×300mm
Spindle Speed: 20,000rpm/min
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Why is TAICNC CNC Tapping Center so popular?

CNC tapping center is the leader of high-efficiency metal processing machine tools, TAICNC, as a CNC tapping center manufacturing expert, provides high-quality machine tools to many customers.

Our CNC tapping centers are widely used in 3C, electronics, precision parts, medical machinery and other fields. It has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent milling ability and machining accuracy.

Each CNC tapping center is cast with high-quality casting materials. The design fully considers the actual processing needs, and adopts the best structural design to ensure its accuracy and stability.

At the same time, we have established long-term and good cooperative relations with many excellent core component suppliers. TAICNC CNC tapping center has a small footprint and simple operation, and provides a variety of CNC controller options, such as Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, SYNTEC, etc.

CNC tapping center structure

Best design

  • Castings are made of high-quality Meehant cast iron (GB 300A+), and after tempering, the hardness can reach 190HB or more.
  • Large span design, better stability.
  • Its X/Y/Z axis adopts high-precision, high-speed linear guide, and the maximum moving speed can reach 48m/min
  • Thickened honeycomb base can improve the stability of the machine tool and reduce vibration during processing.

Efficient automatic tool changer

  • Self-developed automatic tool changer
  • Fastest tool change time is only 1 second
  • 16 tools and 21 tools can be selected
  • Strictly tested for durability
Efficient automatic tool changer
Precision Ball Screw

Precision Ball Screw

  • X, Y, Z axes are equipped with precision high-speed linear guides, the fastest moving speed is 48m/min
  • High-precision C3 ball screw to ensure its accuracy
  • Provided by industry-leading suppliers who have a good reputation in the transmission field (HIWIN, THK, Rexroth)

High speed spindle

  • Self-developed high-speed spindle
  • Standard configuration maximum speed 20,000rpm/min
  • BT30 direct connection
  • And provide a more rigid 12,000rpm/min spindle optional
  • Configure the spindle oil cooling system
High speed spindle
Optional 4-axis or 5-axis rotary table

High speed spindle

  • High-quality 4 axis or 5 axis rotary table with excellent accuracy and repeatability.
  • Includes separate servo motor and driver.
  • If your product needs to process multiple faces, use them to improve processing efficiency.
  • Make your tapping center a 4 axis or 5 axis CNC tapping center.

CNC controller optional

  • We provide the most popular CNC controllers on the market for your choice.
  • User-friendly operation panel
  • You can choose any popular CNC controller in the market, such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, SYNTEC, etc.
  • If you have any questions, please consult our experts.
CNC controller optional
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • Perfect quality management system
  • We have quality inspection workers who have been strictly trained to be responsible for customers.
  • After strict incoming inspection, functional component inspection, and trial processing, the machine tool can be delivered to customers.
  • Each tapping center will pass laser interferometer, ballbar, dynamic balance and other tests before delivery to customers.
  • to ensure 100% qualified products

Get a CNC Tapping Center from the Manufacturer

Our CNC tapping center are designed according to international standards and delivered to customers with guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service.

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Components used in our CNC tapping center

CNC tapping center is not a simple machine. Its manufacture requires the support and cooperation of many suppliers. TAICNC has established cooperative relations with many well-known suppliers around the world. We can obtain their quick responses in the supply chain, which enables us to Deliver CNC machine tools to customers in the fastest time.

Components used in our vertical machining centers

CNC Tapping Center


2. What is a CNC tapping center?

CNC tapping centers are also called drilling tapping centers or compact machining centers, which also belong to a category of vertical machining centers.

The advent of CNC tapping centers made efficient machining possible.

Compared with the vertical machining center of the same structure, the CNC tapping center has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high stability.

It is widely used in the manufacture of various 3C product parts.

Especially with the advent of smartphones, the demand for CNC tapping centers has surged.

Compared with the traditional vertical machining center, the CNC tapping center has more advantages in processing efficiency.

Its unique automatic tool changer and high-speed spindle make CNC tapping centers popular in the market.

Among them, the most famous CNC tapping center manufacturers are Fanuc and Brothers, which have the largest market share in the world. But expensive.


1. How does a CNC tapping center work?

CNC tapping centers work in the same way as vertical machining centers.

Their main role is also milling and drilling

But the CNC tapping center is very advantageous in the drilling process, thanks to its high spindle speed.

In CNC tapping center machining, the workpiece remains stationary while the tool moves along three axes to mill the part. as the picture shows:

3 axis machining remains one of the most widely used techniques for manufacturing mechanical parts and can be used for automated/interactive operations, slot milling, drilling and cutting sharp edges.


3. What are the benefits of a CNC tapping center?

You may have never used a CNC tapping center, but when you do, you will find many benefits:


  • Cost-effectiveness

CNC tapping center is a high-efficiency CNC machine tool, its price is cheaper than ordinary vertical machining center, you can use it to complete various complex machining tasks, this machine tool is very cost-effective.


  • mass production

By making fixtures, mass production using CNC tapping centers can be achieved, and with its high-speed spindle and fast traverse speed, efficient mass production can be achieved.


  • high efficiency


The tapping center is equipped with a 20,000rpm/min direct-drive spindle as standard, the X, Y, Z axis moving speed can reach 48m/min, and the tool change speed only takes 1 second. These conditions create the high efficiency of the tapping center.


4.What are the disadvantages of CNC tapping centers?

Of course, the CNC tapping center not only has advantages, but its disadvantages are also very obvious.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the tapping centers are all relatively small in size, be it the table or the travel.

This is related to the positioning of CNC tapping. The tapping center is mainly positioned for high efficiency and batch processing.

This means that it is not very suitable for heavy milling.


4.What is the price of the CNC tapping center?

There are many specifications for CNC tapping centers. Even if the specs are similar, the price difference can be quite large. There are many factors that affect the price of the tapping center, as follows:

  • Brand factor
  • Quality of core components
  • CNC controller
  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturer’s country
  • Transportation cost
  • Tariff

These factors are closely related to the price of CNC tapping center.

I can give you a price range for your reference as follows:

Manufacturer or SupplierCountrySales Price
Brother CNC Tapping CenterJapan$ 50,000+
Fanuc CNC Tapping CenterJapan$ 50,000+
TAICNC CNC Tapping CenterChina$ 29,800+

The above tapping center prices are for reference only, and the prices will vary greatly due to different configurations.


5.Who are the CNC tapping center manufacturers and suppliers?

There are many CNC tapping center manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Among them, the most famous ones are Brother Tapping Center and Fanuc Tapping Center (Compact Machining Center).

TAICNC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC tapping centers in China, we have provided OEM services for tapping centers for many companies.

If you are interested in our company center, please contact us.


T10V small CNC milling machine & tapping center Table Size: 1100×500mm
XYZ Travel: 1000×500×330mm
Spindle Speed: 20,000rpm/min
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