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best CNC lathe machine in China

CNC lathes machine also called CNC turning centers can quickly grow your metalworking business, if you are looking for CNC lathes then you are in the right place.

TAICNC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC lathes machine in China, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing CNC machines, our CNC lathe machines are widely praised by customers worldwide.

Whether you need flat bed CNC lathe machine, Slanted bed CNC lathe machine, CNC turning centers, turret CNC lathes, we can meet your needs. Our CNC lathe machine are widely used in various metal parts processing and are currently being sold at manufacturer prices.

CNC lathe

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Slant Bed CNC Lathe machine for sale

Slant bed CNC lathe is also called turning center, it is one of the core products of TAICNC, it has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, strong turning ability and so on.

There are many types of inclined bed CNC lathes we supply, including row tool CNC lathes, turret CNC lathes, turning and milling machines, etc.

Slant bed CNC lathe has powerful turning ability and is widely used in various precision manufacturing. It can complete all the work of turning and milling in one clamping. It is a necessary CNC lathe to improve your production efficiency.

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Why is TAICNC CNC lathe so popular?

TAICNC is an expert in the manufacture of CNC lathes and horizontal turning centers. Each lathe is cast with the best casting materials.

In the design, the actual processing needs are fully considered, and the best structural design is adopted to improve the precision and stability of the CNC lathe.

TAICNC CNC lathes and turning centers are easy to operate, as long as you have operated CNC machines, you can quickly get started. We cooperate with the best CNC controller manufacturers in the market today to provide customers with a variety of economical CNC controllers for customers to choose from.

best structural design

best structural design

  • Castings are made of high-quality Meehant cast iron (GB 300A+), and after tempering, the hardness can reach 190HB or more.
  • Large span design, better stability.
  • 45°C slanted bed structure with high stability and shock-absorbing performance
  • Thickened honeycomb base can improve the stability of the machine tool and reduce vibration during processing.

Large diameter belt spindle

  • One-piece spindle box ensures high rigidity.
  • Dedicated high performance V-belt driven spindle system to reduce the impact of motor heat on spindle accuracy.
  • P4 grade high precision bearings are mounted directly in the spindle head to achieve precise load capacity.
Large diameter belt spindle
High Efficiency Electric Knife Holder

High Efficiency Electric Knife Holder

  • The flat bed CNC lathe is equipped with a 4-station electric tool holder as standard, and up to 8-station electric tool holders are optional.
  • Multiple or even various machining processes can be completed at the same time with one clamping of the workpiece to shorten the auxiliary time of machining.

Box rails

  • CK series flat track CNC lathe all adopt oversized box guide.
  • They ensure maximum stability and efficiency even under heavy turning loads.
  • All box guideways are precision ground and heat treated to obtain the best surface finish.
Box rails
Servo turret

Efficient Servo Turret

  • SCK series CNC turning center turret machine is equipped with 8 or 10 stations servo turret, the adjacent tool change time is only 0.2 seconds.
  • The use of large-diameter, high-precision tool plates ensures full turret rigidity in any turning situation.

Y axis milling

  • SCK-BCY series turning center is equipped with Y axis milling function.
  • The C axis of the spindle combined with the Y axis power tool and end-mill power tool enables CNC turning center milling, drilling and tapping functions.
  • With the C axis function, complete part machining becomes faster and easier.
  • When used in conjunction with the C-axis function, the Y-axis is capable of side milling, drilling and tapping operations. This makes it ideal for machining small, complex parts.
Y-axis milling
CNC controller optional

A variety of CNC controllers are optional

  • In order to meet customer usage habits, we cooperate with the world’s mainstream CNC controller manufacturers to provide a variety of CNC controller options.
  • You can choose SYNTEC CNC controller with affordable price.
  • Widely popular CNC controllers such as Siemens and Fanuc can also be selected.

Automatic Chip Conveyor (Optional)

  • By choosing an automatic chip conveyor you can avoid manual chip cleaning and increase process efficiency.
  • Efficient automatic chip conveyors are able to automatically transport the chips generated during your process to the bucket truck.
Chip Conveyor (Optional accessories)
CNC Lathe Protective Cover

Best precision protective cover

  • SCK series CNC lathes are all equipped with precision protective covers.
  • This makes the iron filings in the process less likely to affect other components.
  • It can protect transmission components such as guide rails and screw rods, and is not easy to be damaged.

Quality Inspection

  • Every CNC lathe or turning center will undergo strict quality inspection during the manufacturing process and before leaving the factory.
  • Including laser inspection, turning inspection, trial processing, etc.
  • Guarantee that our CNC lathes are delivered to customers with 100% qualification.
Quality Inspection

Get a CNC lathe machine from the Manufacturer

Our CNC lathe machine are designed according to international standards and delivered to customers with guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service.

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Components used in our CNC lathe machine

A CNC lathe is not a simple machine, and the manufacture of a qualified CNC lathe requires the support of a large number of suppliers.

TAICNC has established a good cooperative relationship with many well-known suppliers around the world, and we can get their quick response in the supply chain, so that we can quickly deliver CNC lathes to customers. And we stock a large stock of spare parts, so when something goes wrong and needs to be replaced, we can respond quickly and fix the problem.

Components used in our vertical machining centers

CNC lathe machine


1. What is a CNC lathe machine?

Do you know about CNC lathe machine?

CNC lathe machine, also known as CNC horizontal turning center, is a kind of metal processing machine.

CNC lathe machine are developed on the basis of manual lathes. Due to trend changes, manual lathes are gradually being replaced by CNC lathes.

CNC lathe machine, like CNC milling machines, are controlled by CNC controllers.

CNC is an acronym for computer numeric control, which refers to a machine operated by a computer system.

CNC lathe machine operate to precise design instructions to machine parts to precise specifications.

Usually one or two centers hold the workpiece, and at least one center can move horizontally to accommodate workpieces of different lengths.

Where the material or part is held in place and rotated by a spindle as the cutting tool working on the material is mounted and moves on each axis.

CNC lathe machine come in many forms and it is by far the most important machine in the field of metalworking


2. What types of CNC lathe machine are there?

After decades of development, many types of CNC lathes have been derived. The prices of different types of CNC lathes vary greatly, and the actual application scenarios, functions, and the number of tools are very different.

According to the type of structure, it can be divided into the following types:

  • Flat bed CNC lathe machine
    Its machine tool frame is horizontal
  • Slant bed CNC lathe machine
    Its machine tool frame is horizontal but has a 30° or 45° inclination.
  • CNC vertical lathe
  • CNC horizontal lathe

According to the type of function, it can be divided into:

  • Row knife CNC lathe machine
    A CNC lathe with a tool that can be independently installed in the table
  • Turret CNC lathe machine
    CNC lathe with turret
  • Turning and milling CNC lathe machine
    CNC lathe with turning, milling and drilling functions

According to the number of axes can be divided into:

  • 2 axis CNC lathe machine
    This basic CNC lathe has two linear axes X, Z and can perform diameter/inner, basically cylindrical machining, as well as facing operations, or drilling and tapping in the center of the part. It is not capable of milling.
  • 3 axis CNC lathe machine
    Usually, the 3-axis CNC lathe adds the function of the C-axis on the basis of the 2-axis, which can position the parts and realize the processing of milling, turning, drilling, and tapping.
  • 4 axis CNC lathe machine
    A 4-axis machine has an added Y-axis so that off-center machining operations can be performed. The fourth axis works well for more irregular and complex lathework.
  • 5 axis CNC lathe machine
    In a 5-axis lathe, a turret is added to a 3-axis CNC lathe. Such a machine would have two axes at each upper and lower turret, plus a C axis on the rotating main shaft. This allows two tools to be used on the part at the same time, increasing machining speed.
  • 6 axis CNC lathe or more axis CNC lathe machine
    CNC lathes with more than five axes are highly sophisticated and complex machines that are often not needed for everyday manufacturing needs.

3. How does a CNC lathe machine work?

CNC turning is a method of manufacturing that uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology.

CNC turning is used to produce parts by cutting or milling materials, such as metal or plastic.

It can be used to create components with complex shapes, such as gears and shafts, and it can also be used to shape the surface of a material, such as when creating a hole in metal.

CNC turning can be done on a lathe machine, which is known as CNC lathes.

A CNC lathe machine consists of a bed where the workpiece sits, and an axis around which this workpiece rotates while being worked by tools located at different points on the axis.

The toolpath for each operation is programmed into the machine using software called G-code—a type of programming language that tells the machine what operations to perform on each point in space over time according to defined parameters such as speed, feed rate, and depth.


4. What is a CNC vertical lathe machine?

CNC vertical lathe is not a common machine, and its application range is relatively limited.

Vertical lathes have a vertical spindle and a circular table on which the workpiece is mounted.

Since the worktable is in a horizontal position, it is more convenient to align and clamp the workpiece.

Moreover, the gravity of the workpiece and the worktable is borne by the bed guide rail or the thrust bearing, and the main shaft is not easy to bend.

Therefore, the vertical lathe is suitable for processing larger disks and large and short sleeve parts.

CNC vertical lathe machine


5. What is a horizontal CNC lathe machine?

CNC horizontal lathe machine is also called CNC horizontal turning center.

It is one of our most common CNC machines.

A horizontal lathe is a machine tool designed to cut different contours in a rotating steel or wood workpiece.

Its spindle is placed horizontally, so it is called a horizontal lathe.

It is often used to process internal and external rotary surfaces, end surfaces and various internal and external threads of workpieces. It can also be used for drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling with corresponding tools and accessories.

CNC horizontal lathes are controlled by CNC controllers, while ordinary horizontal lathes are manually controlled.

CNC horizontal lathes are suitable for turning various metals and woods.

When the workpiece to be processed is installed in the spindle chuck of the horizontal lathe, the spindle starts to rotate, and the cutter head will move to the side of the part to complete the turning process.

What is a horizontal lathe


6. What are the core components of CNC lathes?

A CNC lathe is not a simple machine, and many components are required to manufacture a qualified CNC lathe or turning center.

Let’s take a look at what are the core components of CNC lathes?

Lathe frame

best structural design

The frame is the foundation of the CNC lathe, and most of the core components of the CNC lathe need to be installed on it.

There are big differences between the different types of frames.

For example, the frame of a CNC vertical lathe is composed of a base and a column, which is somewhat similar to a vertical machining center, while the frame of a CNC horizontal lathe is usually integrally cast.

To ensure longevity, TAICNC manufactures machine beds using high quality Meehanite cast iron. These help to limit heat distortion and provides solid mechanical stability. This ensures that the parts machined are consistently accurate.



The spindle assembly is the most important part of the CNC lathe, and it is the heart of the CNC lathe. It is composed of the spindle box (cast), the spindle assembly, and the motor.

All processing tasks of CNC lathes are completed by the rotation of the spindle, so the quality of the spindle directly affects the processing quality of CNC lathes.

Because it does not require as high a speed as a CNC milling machine, the spindle of a CNC lathe is usually driven by a belt.

Guide rail and lead screw

Box rails

Guide rails and screw rods are the moving parts of CNC lathes.

Its quality directly affects the accuracy, rigidity and stability of the CNC lathe.

Usually, the guide rail of flat bed CNC lathe is box type, while the guide rail of inclined bed CNC lathe is linear guide (ball or roller).

The CK series CNC lathes we manufacture all use solid box-type guide rails, which have strong rigidity, while the SCK series all use roller linear guide rails, which have higher precision.

Tool changing device

knife tower

If you are shopping for a CNC lathe in China, you will find that there are many types of tool changers:

  • Hydraulic tool holder
  • Gang knife
  • Servo turret

Hydraulic tool holders are usually installed on flat bed CNC lathes, and this type of tool holder is economical.

The gang knife is usually installed in the gang knife CNC lathe. This kind of inclined bed CNC lathe is cheaper than the turret lathe.

The turret CNC lathe is the most expensive among the three. Of course, it also has the largest processing efficiency and the largest number of storage tools, and is necessary for processing relatively long shaft parts.

The tool changing device is an important part to improve the machining efficiency of CNC lathes.

Although it is not required, almost all customers will choose it.



Tailstocks are used to provide additional support at the other end of the assembly.

This is necessary when machining long and very long workpieces such as shafts.

There are two kinds of tailstocks: manual tailstock and automatic tailstock.

Whether it is a flat bed CNC lathe or an inclined bed CNC lathe, it can be equipped with a tailstock.

CNC controller

Optional:CNC controller

If the spindle is the heart of the CNC lathe, then the CNC controller is the brain of the CNC lathe.

It controls all movements of the CNC lathe.

Different brands of CNC controllers have a great influence on the accuracy of surface gloss.

At present, mainstream CNC controller manufacturers include Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Rexroth, Xintek, GSK, etc.

TAICNC provides a variety of CNC controllers to choose from to meet your usage habits.



The chuck is a vise-like structure that holds the workpiece to be processed. It is attached to the spindle that spins the chuck and workpiece.

Chucks are usually hydraulic, which allows the chuck to maximize grip on the workpiece.

Hydraulic station

Hydraulic station

The chuck or tailstock of CNC lathes are usually hydraulic.

Therefore, the hydraulic station needs to provide hydraulic oil for these components.


7. What is the price of CNC lathe machine?

CNC lathes are not cheap machines, but expensive equipment.

Therefore, the price of CNC lathes is a matter of concern to everyone.

There are many factors that affect the price of CNC lathes, as follows:

  • CNC lathe manufacturer
  • Country of manufacturer
  • CNC lathe type
  • CNC lathe size
  • Core components
  • CNC controller brand
  • Other options
  • Tariff

transportation cost

Each of these factors is closely related to the cost of CNC lathes.

If you want to buy CNC lathes from China, I will give a price reference range below. Hope this helps you.

  • CNC vertical lathe price $25,000-$100,000
  • Flat bed CNC lathe price $10,000-$80,000
  • Slanted bed CNC lathe price $20,000-$90,000
  • Turn and mill CNC lathes Price $40,000-$100,000

You may find a lot of very cheap CNC lathes on the Internet, but remember not to be blindly greedy for cheap, all cheap are based on the premise of sacrificing quality.


8. How to choose the right CNC lathe?

A CNC lathe is an expensive and long-term investment.

It is especially important to choose the right CNC lathe.

This largely depends on the following key considerations:

  • What standard or application is the machine used for?
  • How many axes does the machine need? 2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis?
  • What size does the machine need? (Depends on the parts you need to process)
  • What materials are used for processing?
  • Type of CNC lathe required? (Flat bed, inclined bed, gang knife, turret)
  • What CNC controller are you used to?
  • Your price budget?
  • What after-sales service do you need?

After understanding the above factors, I believe you already have the answer to how to choose a suitable CNC lathe.


9. What is your after-sales standard for CNC lathes?

All CNC lathes from TAICNC come with 1 year warranty.

In the event of a malfunction, our experts will respond immediately.

Provide you with technical guidance through video, telephone, etc.

If a replacement part is required, we will air freight it and get it to your factory as quickly as possible. We have a large stock of all parts.

If you can’t work it out, we’ll let your local partner handle it.

A lot of friends may worry about the after-sale service when importing machines from other countries.

Will the quality be stable as supplier promises? If any problems, will they help me to solve quickly?

CNC machine is a long-term investment for most companies, to choose an honest and reliable supplier is very important. That’s why we aimed at providing high-quality machines with great customer service for customers.


10. Where can I buy a CNC lathe machine?

CNC lathe machines are different from ordinary commodities, and they usually cannot be ordered directly on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or ebay.

You need to contact CNC lathe machine manufacturers and suppliers.

Communicate many details with them.

Such as choosing your nearest suppliers and manufacturers, they will provide you with quotations.


SCK-46BCY Horizontal CNC Turning Center Machine SCK-46BCY Horizontal CNC Turning Center Machine is also called horizontal CNC lathe, which has both turning and milling functions. Its main parts are made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron and can relieve the pressure after tempering. The use of a strong base with scientific ribs to strengthen, in the turn has maximum stability. The surface […]
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