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Best 4 Axis VMC Machine for Sale

>Best 4 Axis VMC Machine for Sale Are you looking for it?4 axis VMC machine

In this article, I will take you through a lot of knowledge about a 4-axis VMC machine. From the most basic definition, working principle, main components and its approximate price.

If you’re looking for a qualified 4-axis VMC machine, I think you need to keep looking down.

What is 4 axis VMC machine

4-axis VMC machines, many people don’t know what machine. Here we have to understand how to understand. We split it apart to understand.

1、First of all, what is the 4 axis?

The 4-axis refers to the CNC indexing plate, which is used to clamp the workpiece on the chuck or between the two tips, and to rotate, index and position it.

2、What is VMC Machine(What is the difference between CNC and VMC?

VMC Machine

VMC stands for Vertical Machining Center.

In VMC, The workpiece is hold on the table base and the spindle which contains the cutting tool is fixed on vertical spindle Z axis.

The table moves in X and Y axis and spindle with cutting tool moves in Z axis, by means of Computer Numerical Codes the workpiece is cut in particular shape in VMC.

4 Axis VMC machine definition is very clear, In fact, it is a 4 axis vertical machining center machine, can also be called 4-axis CNC milling machine.

4 Axis VMC machine working principle

It is controlled by the CNC controller, motion of a servo motor by sending instructions to a servo driver.

X Y Z A axis can realize 3-axis linkage and 4-axis linkage at the same time.

4 Axis VMC machine working principle

The Z axis rotates through the spindle to complete the milling, drilling and tapping movements.

This is how the 4-axis VMC machine works.

Very simple right!

That’s right. If you want to machine a part, you only need to write a CNC program. It can be done automatically.

4 axis VMC machine core parts

1、CNC controller: CNC controller and servo motor drive are a whole, controller manufacturers are packaged for overall sales.

It is equivalent to the brain of a small 3 axis CNC milling machine, and the technical content is relatively high.

The current common brands are Taiwan SYNTEC, Japan Mitsubishi, Japan FANUC, Germany Siemens, Germany HEIDENHAIN.

CNC controller

2、Machine tool spindle: It is very important, the main axis mainly refers to several indicators, the speed, diameter and whether it will vibrate

3、2、Ball screw and linear guide: They are basically purchased pieces, the more common brands are Taiwan HIWIN, Taiwan Yintai PMI, German Rexroth, Japan THK.

4、4 axes rotary table:This is a necessary accessory for a 4-axis VMC machine, without which we would call a 3-axis VMC machine.

We have already talked about this before, I believe you already know.

4 axis VMC machine price

If you’re looking for a 4 axis VMC machine, you’d want to know his price, right?

There are many models of 4-axis VMC machines, and there is a big price difference between different models.

The models of the 4-axis VMC machines produced by TAICNC are listed below

ModelCategoryTable Size(mm)Axis travel(mm)speed(rpm/min)
TC-V5Small machining center650×400500x400x30012000
TC-V6Small machining center700×420600x400x30012000
T5CNC Tapping Center650×400500x400x30020000
T6CNC Tapping Center700×420600x400x30020000
TC-550LSmall machining center800×320550x350x50010000
TC-650LSmall machining center800×400650x400x50010000

The price of each VMC machine is different.

The standard configuration of the VMC machine here is 3 axes, and if you need a 4 axis VMC machine, you also need to select a 4 axes rotary table.

Different sizes of 4 axes rotary table price is not the same, this needs to be based on the size of the parts you are processing to choose.

The price of a 4 axis VMC machine is between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars.

TAICNC is China’s leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools. If you are looking for a 4 axis VMC machine, please leave us a message.




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  1. amjad

    Dear Sir,
    We required CNC MILLING MACHINE (4+1 Axis) as followis:

    a. Travel in X-axis 900-1100mm
    b. Travel in Y-axis 550-800mm
    c. Travel in Z-axis 500-600mm
    d. Rotary table 360º
    e. Spindle Speed Range(Variable) 100-6000 RPM (maximum)
    f. Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
    g. Repeating Accuracy +/- 0.005 mm
    h. Spindle Rapid Speed (x, y & z) 20-32 m/min
    i. Spindle Feed Force (x, y & z) Upto6000 N
    j. Spindle Feed rate (x, y & z) 1-9900 mm/min
    k. Spindle Power 11- 20 kW
    l. Spindle Torque 55-95 Nm
    m. Tool capacity 16-20
    n. Measuring Control Direct measuring system for main axes X/Y/Z.
    Positioning accuracy for each 1000 mm and per axis: +/-0.015 mm.
    o. Cylinder Surface Interpolation Required.
    p. Spline Interpolation Required.
    q. Laser Device for presetting tools Required.
    r. Automatic Chip Conveyor. Required.
    s. Cooling system for control cabin. Required.
    t. Automatic Lubrication System Required.
    u. Programmable Rotary Table Required.
    v. CNC Universal Dividing Head Required.
    w. Voltage stabilizer built-in Required.
    x. Refrigerant based Cooling system for hydraulic unit. Required.
    y. Manual pulse generator for all axis Required.

    If you have any machine near about above specification. Please send me its quotation.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Amjad Pervaz
    Plot No. B-31 / P, SITE, Karachi-75700, Pakistan.
    Ph: +92-21- 32578225, 32568159, Fax: +92-21- 32577978
    Cell: +92-321-2424156