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Comparison Between CNC Milling Machine and Manual Milling Machine

>What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional manual milling machines and CNC milling machines? Do you know the difference between them, read the following to introduce you to the manual milling machine VS CNC milling machine.

The speed of the traditional manual milling machine is slow, the operator can not leave the machine, the operation requirement is high, the stability of the milling machine is poor and complex.

Manual Milling Machine
Manual Milling Machine

Operators need to study for a long time, easy to make mistakes, high product defect rate, slow machining speed, unstable machining quality, workpiece surface roughness directly affects the difficulty of the next grinding, but also shortens the processing time.

What are the advantages of automatic CNC milling machines? please watch the following part:

  • Adaptability to processing objects.
  • Automatic operation mode
  • High machining accuracy
  • Machining larger workpieces
  • 5.High processing efficiency

Adaptability to processing objects.

Because replacing parts on CNC mill requires only reprogramming to process new parts, unlike traditional manual milling machines, it does not need to manufacture and replace many tools, including fixtures and measuring tools, nor does it need to readjust the milling machine.

Therefore, the CNC milling machine can be quickly converted from one component to another, which provides great convenience for a single piece, small batch and trial production of new products, which not only shortens the production preparation cycle but also saves a lot of tool costs.

Automatic operation mode

Compared with the traditional manual milling machine, the automation level of the CNC milling machine has been greatly improved.

The CNC milling machine does not require workers to operate the equipment at any time, but just before the processing drawings are programmed to the CNC milling machine computer, using the programming language, the computer will actively analyze and direct the operation of the equipment through the central processing unit.

This kind of CNC machine tool greatly reduces the burden of manpower and greatly improves the accuracy of delivery.

High machining accuracy

The motion of a CNC milling machine is controlled by computer, which can ensure the highest accuracy and surface glossiness during machining. Manual milling machine needs high experience and manual control can not guarantee the accuracy of the workpiece.

Machining larger workpieces

Manual milling machines usually have a small processing range and cannot process large parts. CNC milling machines have various specifications to complete the processing of small parts and large parts. For example, gantry CNC milling machines can complete large parts processing such as automobile moulds.

CNC mill
CNC milling machine

High processing efficiency

In the traditional manual milling machine, only one product can be processed at a time, and the CNC milling machine can design the fixture to complete the product processing in batches at the same time, and can also automatically change the tool to improve the processing efficiency.

CNC milling machine is easy to operate, only need to write a program on the computer to import into the CNC controller system will automatically perform processing until completion.

The CNC milling machine can operate 2-3 sets at the same time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, saves manpower and money, and brings good economic benefits.

The time required to machine a part consists of two parts: moving time and auxiliary time.CNC milling machines can effectively reduce the time of these two parts, so processing productivity is much higher than that of ordinary manual milling machines.

CNC spindle milling machines have larger spindle speeds and feed ranges than conventional manual milling machines.
CNC milling machines can choose the most suitable cutting parameters for each process.

At the same time, good structural rigidity also allows CNC milling machines to carry out heavy cutting parameters, saving motor time.

The rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts of the CNC milling machine adopt the acceleration and deceleration measures, so the high speed of the idle stroke is selected, and the time spent on fast-moving, fast retreating and positioning is much less than that of the ordinary lathe.

The machining precision of the CNC milling machine is relatively stable, and generally, only the critical dimension process between the first part of the inspection and the sampling inspection is performed, thereby shortening the inspection time.

In the use of CNC milling machines with tool magazines and automatic tool changers, multiple continuous machining on one CNC milling machine is achieved, which reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and significantly improves production efficiency.

CNC milling machines also enable five-axis machining, which is not possible with manual milling machines.



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