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TC-1165L Vertical Machining Center

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Spindle Taper


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TC-1165L Vertical Machining Center The TC-1165L vertical machining center (VMC) adopts a three-axis roller linear guide structure design and is equipped with a belt-type spindle of 10000 RPM/min. It has the characteristics of high rigidity and high efficiency, and can complete the work of products and molds with relatively high hardness. In addition, it can also choose the structural …

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2 thoughts on “TC-1165L Vertical Machining Center”

  1. MR. Artine Touloujian

    Dear Sirs,

    Please we need a quotation for the below:
    Machine TC1265 L with Controller Mitsubishi M80A
    Machine TC1165 L with Controller Mitsubishi M80A

    And prices for :
    1 – 4th axis rotary table
    2- 5th axis rotary table

    Thanks in advance,
    Artine Touloujian

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