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What Is The Gantry Machining Center?

What Is The Gantry Machining Center?

The gantry machining center is also called the gantry milling machine. It has the same function as the general milling machine.

gantry milling machine
gantry milling machine

The structure of the gantry machining center is different from that of the vertical machining center. The gantry machining center column is similar to the door.

The difference between the gantry milling machine and the gantry machining center is that the gantry machining center adds an automatic tool changer to the gantry milling machine, which improves the machining efficiency of the gantry milling machine, So we usually see no automatic tool changer called milling machine with an automatic tool changer called a gantry machining center, which is their main difference, The gantry machining center can process larger types of parts, and the loading and unloading is also very convenient, so the gantry machining center has a good advantage in large parts.


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