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How to Choose a Suitable China CNC Milling Machine Manufacturer

China’s development speed is obvious to all over the world. China’s CNC milling machines are also developing at a very fast speed. At present, China is the country with the largest demand for CNC machines in the world. The CNC machines manufactured by Chinese CNC milling machine manufacturers are also exported to the whole world. If you are looking for CNC milling machines from China, please read on, this article will tell you how to choose a suitable china CNC milling machine manufacturer.

how to choose a suitable china CNC milling machine manufacturer.
how to choose a suitable china CNC milling machine manufacturer.

There are a large number of CNC machine manufacturers in China. Some manufacturers only sell for China. They do not have foreign trade services. If you don’t know the Chinese CNC milling machine manufacturer, it is very difficult to find a suitable one among many manufacturers. Below we will analyze how to choose China CNC milling machine manufacturer.

Advantages of Chinese CNC Milling Machine Manufacturers

When it comes to manufacturing in China, the first thing people think of is cheap. Compared with CNC milling machines made in the US, Japan and Europe, CNC milling machines made in China do have cost advantages.

Is there any other advantage in China’s CNC milling machines besides being cheap? The answer is yes, China CNC milling machine also has the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Excellent casting materials.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Integrate global supply chains.
  • 20 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Convenient transportation.

All of the above are the advantages of CNC milling machines made in China, we will come to interpret these manufacturing advantages one by one.


Cost-effective is one of the biggest advantages of CNC milling machines made in China. Why is Chinese manufacturing cost-effective? Because China has a large labour force, wages are lower than in developed countries, and China has great advantages in commercial land and tax policies. Since 2018, the government has reduced the cost of manufacturing enterprises by reducing taxes. Ability to invest more in research and development.


Excellent casting materials

China has a wealth of high-quality mineral resources, and the rare earth used in the world are exported from China. The casting materials we need to manufacture CNC machines are also one of China’s advantages. For many years, we have invested a lot of research and development funds in casting materials. Has achieved rich results

Quality Assurance

Many CNC machine manufacturers in China have a complete quality management department. Each CNC milling machine undergoes several rigorous inspections before shipment. Each manufacturing process has a complete standard operating procedure (SOP).

Quality Assurance
CNC milling machine quality assurance

Integrate global supply chains.

Under the market economy system, a large number of products can be produced into a finished product through the cooperation of the world’s manufacturing industry. The computers we are familiar with, the intel company that specializes in manufacturing CPUs, and the Microsoft that specializes in developing operating systems, all of these companies are united. There is a complete computer.

CNC machine tools are no exception. It is inseparable from the cooperation of manufacturers all over the world. CNC milling machines made in China also integrate the core components of global manufacturers. For example, CNC controllers usually use Siemens and FANUC, and the guide rails usually use Rexroth or Hiwin. These are the core components of CNC milling machines, providing customers with the largest optional service by integrating the global supply chain.

20 years of manufacturing experience

Although China’s CNC machine started relatively late, many CNC machine tool manufacturers have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. The CNC milling machines and other machines have been recognized by the market. In recent years, China’s CNC machines have developed rapidly, with precision and stability. Sexual improvement

Convenient transportation

As a major manufacturing country in the world, it has a great advantage in transportation. Whether it is railway, road or sea, tens of thousands of products are transported to the world every day. CNC machines are usually transported by sea and rail. We have a good relationship with the world’s leading shipping companies, through which they can send CNC milling machines to their customers’ locations as quickly as possible.

How to choose a suitable china CNC milling machine manufacturer

We have already mentioned that there are a large number of CNC milling machine manufacturers in China. How to screen the right manufacturers is a very important issue. The screening of suitable manufacturers needs to pay attention to the following points:

  • Company establishment time
  • CNC machine monthly output
  • Machine certification
  • Whether to provide spare parts
  • CNC milling machine manufacturer location

Why pay attention to these? Below we answer your doubts one by one.

Company establishment time

Focus on the manufacturer’s establishment time, you can know the manufacturer’s manufacturing experience in CNC machines, and experienced CNC machine manufacturers can provide more stable CNC machines and services.

CNC machine monthly output

By knowing the monthly production of the manufacturer’s CNC machine, the manufacturer’s manufacturing capacity can be reflected. Usually, manufacturers with more than 200 CNC machines with monthly sales have strong manufacturing strength, and they can deliver CNC machines more quickly.

Machine certification

Excellent CNC machine manufacturers will receive many certifications, such as ISO certification or CE certification. It is more secure to purchase these certified CNC machines.

Whether to provide spare parts

Spare parts inventory is very important for CNC machines. The ability to provide spare parts service in a timely manner helps to quickly resolve faults and reduce downtime. A powerful CNC machine manufacturer has a large inventory of spare parts. For example, TAICNC has a complete spare parts warehouse, all spare parts are available. 3 months of inventory

CNC milling machine manufacturer location

China has a large area and a well-developed manufacturing industry. It has CNC machine manufacturing companies in almost all provinces in the country. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good location. It is recommended to choose CNC machine manufacturers in coastal cities, such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu. Manufacturers in these provinces usually have stronger manufacturing capabilities and are closer to the port. For example, TAICNC is only an hour’s drive from Shenzhen Port. Is it very close? It takes only 40 minutes to reach Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. We all provide airport shuttle service.


We have already detailed how to choose a suitable china CNC milling machine manufacturer. I hope you have a decision, if you are in need of purchasing CNC milling machines, please contact us for a quote, TAICNC has 18 years of experience in CNC machine manufacturing, if there is For other questions about CNC machines, please feel free to.

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