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What You Can Do With A CNC Milling Machine

What You Can Do With A CNC Milling Machine? Do you know?This is a problem that many people don’t understand.

CNC milling machine is the most widely used CNC machine tool in the world. It has the function of drilling and milling, and also supports multi-axis machining, in this article, we will discuss with you what a CNC milling machine can do.

CNC Milling Machine

Manual and CNC machining beginner’s guide video

What is a CNC milling machine?

CNC milling machine is a machine tool which has the tendency to make any part if perfectly designed. Humans never taught they can achieve accuracy and precision at the same time and with no human skill. A master in repitative job, incredibly fast and precise m/c. It’s a combination of good programming run by the electricity and electronic sensors powered to the mechanical element’s gives you the unbelievable output. You can program it in many ways and many things, many actions we human perform and ease our work.

CNC milling machine processing samples

In the modern industrial mechanical business, the advancement of the mechanical tool has improved fabrication process in producing tools in both large and small scale businesses.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers have been widely used in every manufacturer because of its potential in boosting productivity and profitability of one’s business.

However, not every manufacturer knows the true potential of these particular milling machines.

Thus, here’s what you can actually do with a CNC milling machine:

1. To perform multiaxis milling operations: The most typical type of milling machines are able to perform cutting and drilling process based on 3 axes. Modern ones are able to perform at least 4-5 axes of milling operations. Due to that, it is possible that you can perform sophisticated parts production process.

4-5 axes of milling operations

2. Using software to design milling program: Are you still writing milling programs by hand?
I want to tell you that this approach has been too backward, now the mainstream CNC controller supports CAD (Computer Aided Design) software designed milling procedures, and can be directly transmitted to the CNC controller over the network.
This approach is more efficient and less error-prone.

3. To perform high risk milling operations: Most of these machining centers are commonly used in parts production process, which the raw materials are usually metals, plastics and wood. As compared with the traditional milling machines, operators who are using modern milling machining centers are not predisposed to high risk accidents because operators have very little direct exposure to the materials during the milling operations. Besides that, these machines are ergonomically designed for operators who are monitoring the milling operations over long hours of work – hence, they are not forced to bend or crouch when they are operating the CNC milling machine.

4. To perform fast milling parts production: Depends on your component design, you can possibly fabricate similar types of components productively without neglecting precision and accuracy when you are using CNC milling machines. In other words, you can perform mass component production repetitively effectively without worrying about wastage issues. Now, it is common to see these machining centers have swing arm ATC, which is commonly known as swing arm Automatic Tool Changer and perform faster machining process than those machines with umbrella-type ATC.

5. To machine large or small parts: You need to understand that the size of the components produced is based on the size of the machining centers. In that case, you will need to allocate a large space to accommodate these machines.

summary report

CNC milling machine is the most widely used numerical control machine tool in the world, it has very high custom function, we can finish the processing of all kinds of metal products through it.

The CNC milling machine is the most widely used numerical control machine tool in the world, it has the very high custom function,
We can process all kinds of metal products through it. Its main application fields are metal parts, aerospace, digital products, communication equipment, medical devices and so on.

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